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Odesso Software Solution Bring Vendor Support to Cannabis Suppliers

By: Luke Bellos     10/21/2021

To help cannabis suppliers remain compliant with government regulators, Odessa has unveiled the Seed to Sale software solution to streamline agricultural data.

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Technology Is Changing the CBD Industry

By: Special Guest     2/11/2021

According to Statista, the consumer sales of CBD are projected to boom to more than 1.8 billion dollars by 2022, which is a considerable increase from the half of billion dollars they totaled 2018. Other studies estimate that the CBD industry is on t…

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Should You Use CBD Before and After Your Workout?

By: Special Guest     1/5/2021

If you are a fitness aficionado, you are probably always in search of ways how you can take your workouts to the next level. In addition to wearing the right clothes and warming up correctly, you are probably looking into various supplements that can…

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Hortica Comes out of Stealth Mode to Reveal Connected Cultivation Greenhouse for Medical Cannabis Leveraging Edge Compute and Advanced Automation

By: Juhi Fadia     9/8/2020

After years of development and testing, one of Israel's most interesting AGTech startups, Hortica, announced this week they are coming to America to build connected, automated, large-scale precision growth facilities that have proven to produce the h…

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How Innovations in Technology Are Affecting the Medical and Recreational Cannabis Industries

By: Special Guest     5/12/2020

In the past decade alone, the world of medical marijuana (and recreational cannabis for that matter) has experienced a massive boom. Some people are even referring to our time as the "weed" era, and considering the spike in cannabis consumption and a…

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