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Blockchain Can Boost Trust in Cannabis Industry

By: Maurice Nagle     2/4/2020

I had the honor of catching up with U.S. Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development (USCPRD) Chief Executive Officer Michael Patterson to pick his brain a bit on the industry, and offer some insight as to what we can expect at Cannabis on the B…

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CannDynamics Co-Founder to Educate & Engage Cannabis on the Blockchain Audience

By: Maurice Nagle     1/30/2020

CannDynamics, Inc. Co-Founder Ruth Fisher is joining Cannabis on the Blockchain in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on February 11th 2020, leading the keynote lineup with an overview of the relationship between science and technology in regard to cannabis, a…

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To the Moon and Back with Cannabis on the Blockchain Speaker Cody Stiffler

By: Maurice Nagle     1/28/2020

In two weeks, Cannabis on the Blockchain takes place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (part of #TechSuperShow) bringing together some of the industry's leading minds to unpack the massive opportunity that lies in this burgeoning arena. This week, I had th…

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Can I Use CBD to Help Me Sleep?

By: Special Guest     1/2/2020

If you're a part of naturopathy circles, athletic circles, or just circles that dabble in alternative medicine, it's likely that you've heard of CBD. It's become one of the hottest supplements recently, even though it's been around for thousands of y…

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5 Reasons Why Cannabis Automation Will Increase In The Next Decade

By: Special Guest     12/6/2019

The cannabis industry has experienced huge growth over the last decade. With its increasing legality across the country, the methods in which to buy, sell and produce cannabis has changed. The biggest shift in the industry has been the rise of automa…

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