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Cannabis biofactories, what they are, and why there's a sudden rush to build them

By: Special Guest     9/26/2019

This past year has been a busy one for the cannabis industry, with legal access building the base of consumers to an all-time high, and several drug manufacturers garnering interest in critical research into cannabinoids like THC and CBD that are fou…

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Pharmaceutical CBD: Where Natural Medicine & Pharmaceuticals Meet

By: Special Guest     8/20/2019

When medicinal cannabis was first legalized, there was a lot of controversy surrounding how it would be received by the public, governments and of course, the pharmaceutical industry. At first, it seemed that the medical cannabis industry would pose …

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How AI Can Be Used To Drive The Cannabis Industry

By: Special Guest     8/13/2019

Nobody ever really associates the resinous buds of a cannabis flower to the motherboard that operates artificial intelligence. Actually, some of the fondest associations with cannabis are with Rastafari culture, with dreadlocks, music and excessive e…

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CBD Technology: Top Tips for Selling CBD Oil Online

By: Special Guest     8/2/2019

If you are looking to get into the CBD industry, you may want to sell oils online. Check out these tips for selling CBD oil online. With the popularity of CBD products on the rise, the opportunities to capitalize on the CBD market are huge. If you…

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How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Cannabis Market

By: Special Guest     5/14/2019

Advertising is the lifeblood of an e-commerce company. Over $220 billion was spent on U.S. advertising media in 2018 alone. Any savvy entrepreneur will tell you: building an e-commerce business means advertising the hell out of it.

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